Sunday, November 30, 2008

Night on the Town

After my parents left yesterday from their Thanksgiving visit, I had time to go to my girlfriend's house to take her family photo for Christmas cards. Surprisingly JA asked me months ago to take the family picture - why is clearly beyond me, but I was more than happy to help! After jumping, I mean standing, all over their furniture and having a picture removed from the wall, I think JA had a photo worthy of keeping! She did tell me that maybe I should take photography classes to get better handle on taking pictures, maybe she's onto something!

Less than ten minutes after I got home, TS arrived at the house for the remainder of the weekend. It is the first time that TS has ever been to my house, so I was pretty excited. We hit the local bowling alley for some much needed beer and for my usual ass kicking in bowling. Of course she didn't let me down!

We came back to the house to hangout and try to figure out our next plan of action, since it was pretty early. Several other friends joined us at my house and we finally hit the town. I have to say that I seldom go to the bars, especially in "my town".

We ventured out and hit a nearby bar that I hadn't been to in almost a decade. When we walked in there was a side room of the bar and a few people were playing a Wii. After we ordered our first round, the Wii became available and we headed over to give it a try. Four of the five of us were Wii virgins. We had a great time playing bowling and baseball. When we finished the Wii there were actually games in this room as well and we played Trivia Pursuit for Dummies. I have to say, we had a blast. I love playing games and hanging out and I loved the fact that TS didn't even have to go outside to smoke!

We left that bar and headed off to the karaoke bar. Three sang karaoke while two of us opted for pool. Clearly we were all shocked when last call was at 12:45p.m. and we were all pushed out of the bar at 1:00p.m. prompt. The cool thing, a local church in the area offers free rides for you and your car, within a ten mile radius to be sure that everyone gets home safe! They also state, No Tipping. How cool is that?

We left that bar and headed to where everyone seemed to be going next. That bar actually had karaoke too, but about ten minutes after we got there, they were announcing last call! If a bar closes at 2a.m., why is last call at 1:20a.m.? So bizarre. I have to say that I found the elderly man in the cowboy hat that was smitten with dancing with JN almost as amusing as this sign posted on the wall:

With alcoholic munchies we headed to Meijer to pick up some more alcohol and refrigerated (they do exist!) hash browns. What I found in the parking lot left me pondering, what?

We came back to the house and ransacked the food making scrambled eggs and hash browns and eating leftover turkey, fluff and pumpkin pie. After some small convincing that everyone should stay the night, we drank more and played a very close and competitive game of Cranium Wow!

Nothing beats a great evening of good friends, good laughs, good times, good drinks and great memories!

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living the dream said...

I should have gotten that cowboy's phone number!