Saturday, November 29, 2008

Black Friday

For the first time in several years, I found myself all snuggled and warm in my bed during the wee morning hours of Black Friday. I had scanned all the black Friday ads the night before, several times in addition to checking out the websites days before.

There just wasn't anything that seemed worthy enough to drag myself out of bed to deal with lines, rude people and missed deals. Nothing that warranted leaving my safe cocoon of blankets and pj's on a blistering cold, yet not snowy morning, to fight the fight.

And I'm not sorry at all.

Mom and I did manage to hit some of the stores by 11:30a.m. There were a few things that I was interested in - a Wii, Wii fitness, Nano Ipod, and a GPS but again nothing that I had to have, especially at 4a.m.! I did manage to get a Wii as well as a GPS; however, I think tomorrow I'm getting the Garmin 750 instead of the Garmin 200 that I purchased. Seeing that my son decided maybe we should get an MP3 player for the cost difference of an IPod that will work in my car, I figured I would be better off getting a GPS with a built in MP3 player. Sounds like a good idea at least.

I didn't have to fight any crowds. I even picked up a few extra things and didn't have to stand in any long lines. At the first store, I patiently waited in line and had my first interaction with rudeness...Why did I go out on Black Friday? I had left enough room between the person in front of me and myself (mind you there were only four people in my line!) and this middle aged woman and her mother kept moving lines looking for the fastest. The mother walked between myself and the customer in front of me to get to the next line. The adult daughter stopped in front of me and asked me if I was in line. What? Seriously.

I politely answered yes, while my not so polite mother snickered. Apparently not to this woman's liking as she made sure she was loud enough to her mother to comment, "I didn't think it was funny. Oh how rude." She made a few more snarky remarks.

Man how I not only love shopping, I love being around strangers shopping for the holiday (Of course that comment was heavily decorated with sarcasm and a large bow on top!)!

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