Friday, December 5, 2008

Plain White T's 1234

In High School I had a "best friend" that would always comment about new songs on the radio. She would turn the volume up super loud and 99.9% of the time she would say, "I hate this song now, but I know that I'm going to love it later!"

I always used to think that was really odd. Or maybe she was just really odd. Regardless, I find myself some 20 years later thinking the same things. Is it really about getting old or what comes around goes around?

This morning on my way home from dropping my son off at school I heard the new Plain White T's 1234 song. I have no idea what I think about it. It's along the same lines as The Killers "Are We Human or Are We Dancers?" song. I just feel at a loss. It makes me reminisce about Pink Floyd and all of my friends that found their songs so fascinating when they were high. I just liked them sober, but was I missing out on something?

Let me know what you think about 1234, because all I can think of after hearing it for the first time...a glorified Barney song or a crazed song that may make it big in dance clubs and with tweeners - maybe the new age YMCA song of sorts.

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