Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Parenting: Epic Fail?

While I am an A Personality, my life is primarily crisis management influenced.  I respond to crises (or drama as it may be) first and foremost.  I realize this isn't always the most effective use of my time and sometimes, responding quickly approves futile when time would prove the best solution; however, due to my job, it's the nature of the beast.

I would like to say that things are different in my personal life.  They aren't. 

I believe that I'm a good parent (I've never claimed to be right or perfect - clearly this is a personal blog and self-assessment); however, having said that, I know that I could be a better parent.  If I choose to be.  I choose not to be.  Let me preface, there are just some things in life that I choose not to micromanage.  Actually, most things I would choose not to micromanage.

My point?

I cannot tell you the names of my son's teachers.  If I thought really hard, I might be able to come up with a couple, might.  Yesterday a parent inquired as to what teachers my son was going to be having as he is entering 8th grade.  Teachers she asked?  Seriously?  I know what school he is going to and I know what classes he is taking, isn't that sufficient?  I finally registered for the "School Portal" to look at my son's grades and assignments and whoever knows whatelse online.  Isn't that progress?  My son has seldom ever had an issue with his academics.  A few small issues with peer pressure and peer relationships and when necessary, communication occurred with the teacher(s). 

Anyway, I digress (or giving back story as it may be)

Today I responded to a letter I received from my insurance company that my son's primary physician had changed.  No big deal, right?  Sure, except that it changed from a doctor that he never had!  Or at least that I was never aware that he had.  Here's how the conversation went with the gal on the other end of the phone at my insurance company:

Me:  "I'm calling regarding a letter I received that my son's doctor changed from a doctor he has never had.  I need to have the records changed to his current doctor he has had for a few years, Dr. Green."

Her:  "Your son has never had a Dr. Green, Ma'am."

Me:  "He has had Dr. Green for the past few years.  He just went in for a physical and again last year for a physical with Dr. Green."

Her:  "We show no record of a physical.  His last appointment was with a Dr. Davis for a shoulder issue last September 2009."

Me:  "He did go in for an appointment on his shoulder.  Dr. Davis isn't his doctor.  He just saw Dr. Green."

At this point she verifies that in fact we are talking about the same child.  My only child.  There is no record that the doctor's office has billed for his most recent physical.  I can't seem to verify the date flipping through my calendar.  From my cell phone I call home and have my son tell me the date, July 2, 2010.

She proceeds to go over the history of my son's doctors.  From his primary doctor from infancy until he was 10, verified.  In 2007 he was assigned a new doctor.  In March 2007 he was assigned a different doctor.  In August 2008 he was assigned another doctor and then in July 2010 he was assigned yet another doctor.  Four doctors that he has NEVER had.  I know in the past that I have contacted my insurance company about updating to his current doctor.

So the conversation continues after this information:

Her:  "What is Dr. Green's first name?"

Me:  "What?  His first name?  I don't know, he's Dr. Green.  Maybe David?  Or how about Brian?"  Because really at this point all I can think of is 90210 and Brian Austin-Green, who is clearly NOT my son's doctor. 

Her:  "There are 275 Dr. Green's Ma'am. There is not a David or Brian Green."  (I'm feeling more flabbergasted and clearly Brian Austin-Green exists and I can't get his person out of my mind to actually focus on what my son's doctor's first name is, irrelevant is what I think it is!)

Finally after she puts me on hold to call my son's primary doctor, which I was at least knowledgeable enough to know the doctor's office number by heart (although she had me repeat it three times - I think shocked I would KNOW that but not his doctor's first name!).

Long story short.  I finally know, for today, my son's doctor's first name.  I can sleep easy tonight feeling more informed as a parent; however, please don't ask me next week what his name is.  Personally, I really don't care nor do I think I will need to know!

Do you know your children's physician's full names?  Feel free to tell me what a negligent parent I truly am - I deserve it apparently!

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