Monday, September 13, 2010

Educational Endeavors

I have mentioned my son T many times.  He participated in the public school Gifted and Talented Program for four years.  Four. Years.

He was asked to test for a special program over a year ago which resulted in him taking the ACT.  He didn't score high enough.  He was happy.

Last Spring, he was asked to take a science test to test out of 8th grade science.  He didn't score high enough.  He was happy.

My son enrolled in gym, for his entire 8th grade year.  He is happy.

T enrolled in Art.  He professed that he anticipated failing art.  He was not happy.  I encouraged him to take his other class option, Woods.  He was happy to change his schedule.

Now, one week into his 8th grade year, his schedule has changed for a third time.  He can't stand Woods as his teacher: a) teaches too fast, b) is rude, c) called out a sign language interpreter as being STUPID, and d) is charging $10 per student to use his tools.

His counselor left a message for me on Friday that due to my son's test scores, she wants to put him in honor's science.  My son is NOT happy.

I have always struggled with how much educational intervention I have.  How much is too much?  My son willingly participated in the G/T program for four years.  He loved his teachers and he made some really good friendships.  He is glad that the G/T is over.  T wants to be "normal".  He wants to embrace his sports and "fit in".  Today, when the counselor called me (and T was in her office) I told her that NO, T did not want to change science classes. 

I support my son.  I support his happiness.  I can only hope that one day he and I both look back and still support our decisions.

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