Monday, September 13, 2010

Funk: Dropping the Ball

Lately, I've been in a funk.  Not really sure why, just not really motivated and not really social.  I do best when I'm busy and work has been terribly slow.  Terribly.

I've spent my days trolling around various blogs and doing anything I can to stay awake while listening to my overly annoying and obnoxious wall mate.  It's about time that I officially smack myself silly and WAKE UP!

Last week I had attempted to verify if I had paid my mortgage online.  I usually do so by mid-month for the following month.  I was somehow confused if I had paid and with the trip to Arizona, I guess I hadn't.  Although the online site wouldn't let me get beyond a message that I had to pay my homeowners insurance before proceeding.  My homeowners is automatically billed and comes out of my escrow.  I contacted the insurance company to verify.  Then, I dropped it.  I dropped the ball.  Today, I logged back in and sure enough I could navigate the system and it showed that my mortgage is DUE by 9/16!  So, because I dropped the ball, $6.00 processing fee.

Additionally, when my aunt passed, now over a month ago, I ordered flowers online.  In doing so, I enrolled in some discount program that saved me $32.00 but cost me $9.99.  Whatever.  Problem, I dropped the ball.  Every single day I saw the email in my inbox looming at me, beckoning me to call and cancel.  Of course, I wanted to do so the next day, but I had to wait 14 days before canceling.  And then what happened?  I did nothing, until I called today to cancel.  I dropped the ball.  I was automatically billed for another month, yesterday.  The customer service rep. tried to convince me to use the savings and coupons for the month before canceling since I couldn't get the money back.  NO. THANK. YOU.  CANCEL.

Last night I also received an email that my son's lunch account is past due $1.75.  He doesn't get school lunch.  I called today and had that taken care of. 

Fortunately my dropping the ball has only inconvenienced me a total of $14.24.  Just think if I were the Lions receiver today after he dropped the ball  in what they consider a failed attempt to finish the "process".

I hope I can get my head out of my butt and soon; however, in the scheme of things, I'm OK if it takes a little while!  By the way, this morning I was realizing, I NEED & WANT A VACATION!

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