Saturday, September 25, 2010


I'm not a very envious person.  I am very happy and content with who I am, what I have, where I have been and even why I am who I am and why I do the things I do. 

I suppose being raised catholic, in the deep recesses of my mind I recall the 10 Commandments.  I don't covet.  I feel for those less fortunate and I rejoice for those more fortunate.  Life is what it is and what I make of it.  I can choose to be or do more than I do and I have no one else to blame for my misfortunes, because in the end, life has molded me into ME.  I am comfortable.

So...the reason for this post?  As much as I don't want to be, sometimes I can find myself envious.  Envious of other people, envious of other's skills. 

And as of late, the one thing I can't envy of other's abilities to navigate technology.

You see, I believe it has been weeks, maybe even months that I have been trying to update the blogs I follow.  I follow blogs in Google Reader and I have "managed subscriptions" as well as "manage" in my blog dashboard.  I have hit "unsubscribe".  I have hit the trash can symbol.  I have "stopped following". 

Each and every time they show updated and then...THEY ARE BACK.  I refuse to quit. I have tried on different computers with different servers.  I have tried probably a dozen times. 

And today, I found that someone had stopped following me.  I'm not worried about having one less follower.  I prefer to be the wallflower.  I prefer to be the silent observer reading and following others and somewhat sharing but not having to be followed. 

What I am envious in the hell did SHE do it?  It was probably a quick click.  A mere thought and a quick action and done. 

Why is it that sometimes when I think I can figure things out, I find myself completely incompetent and facing envy full frontal?


Anonymous said...

To stop following a blog in blogger:

1. Go to your dashboard

2. Scroll down to the Reading List

3. Click on the manage button

4. Click on the setting link to the right of the blog you want to stop following. (As long as it's not mine. :) )

5. A pop up window will show up and on the right side is a link to click to "stop following this site". Click it.

6. Another pop up shows up asking you to confirm that you want to stop following the site. Click Stop Following.

Ta-Da ~ No more following of the blog. But, no longer following a blog in blogger won't automatically delete it from google reader.

Anonymous said...

To stop following a blog in Google Reader:

1. Open reader

2. Open the blog you want to stop following.

3. Click on the drop down menu on the right where it says Feed Settings.

4. Click on unsubscribe.

5. A pop up window will show up asking you to confirm that you want to stop following the blog.

6. Click OK.

No more blog in google reader.

Good luck!

Ms. Independent said...

Unfortunately that is exactly how I have tried to delete blogs in both the dashboard and Google Reader. I even followed your step by step directions AGAIN and NOTHING. I can't figure out why!

Anonymous said...

Hmm. That's strange. I deleted a few while I was writing the steps out and it worked for me. I guess you're supposed to be reading those blogs for some reason.