Friday, August 27, 2010

Foto Friday: Smiles

Not that my blog has any direction, especially with my lack of posting, but today I decided to have a Foto Friday post.  A post specifically posted on Friday of things/photos that make me smile!  Per my usual though, most of them are just random!

T & I returned from Arizona last Saturday evening!  We had a fabulous time and so many wonderful experiences!  We didn't even have any major mishaps (knock, knock)!  I'm still smiling from the vacation, so most are from the week in Arizona!

Grand Canyon: August 2010

We went to the Worldlife Aquarium & Zoo and enjoyed finding animals that were smiling.  Our two favorites:

Wildlife Aquarium: Smiling Turtle
Worldlife Aquarium: Smiling Frog

My ultimate chocolate craving and love that I can't seem to outgrow!  Of course I eat them plain & cold:

Need I say more?

My fifth and final picture, captures the beauty and serenity of Scottsdale, Arizona with my thirteen year old son, who for another moment, still thinks I'm cool and tolerable:

Scottsdale Arizona: August 2010

What photos on this fabulous Friday make you smile?

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