Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pull Over...

It is just after 4:30a.m., officially Sunday morning.  While in Arizona, I was pulled over (here) for the first time in eight years.  Well, that was until about 20 minutes ago.

I met a friend at a comedy club tonight for a 10p.m. show.  I have met him a few times and we decided since I owe him for fixing my computer that we would get together.  I am at my parents celebrating my mom's birthday and he lives on the east side of the state.  Surprisingly, unlike other friends or guys, although I "owe" him, he wouldn't let me repay him.

BW and I had some time to kill before the comedy club and he ordered a bottle of "Zifendel" as he pronounces it!  Surprisingly the bottle was a red Zinfandel, much more like a merlot that neither of us cared for, but for $45 we managed to finish throughout the comedy show.  The show was great and I found myself laughing more than anyone in the show, really of no surprise.  We decided to stay at the bar and had a few drinks and closed the bar down.  We sat in the parking lot for a while talking and deciding which month we may see each other again, possibly Cedar Point for Halloweekends.  Who knows.  It was close to 4a.m. when we parted. 

Granted, I drank.  I was not drunk and I was not tipsy.  If anything, I was tired and my contacts were beyond dry.  As I got on the highway and headed to my parents, TS had texted me about 20 minutes earlier to see if I was still up.  I called her back and laughed and chatted with her as I drove.

About five miles from my parents house and a mile from my elementary school, I realized that a car all of a sudden was on my ass.  I knew that I wasn't speeding.  I hadn't swerved, but I did realize that I had been hovering around the white line of the shoulder while I chatted away.  I wasn't for sure if it was a cop or not, so I decided to take the first street to the right, which was at a 7 eleven party store, or what used to be a Hop 'n Go.  The car followed me.  I noticed when I turned that it was a cop car.  Shhhiiiiittttt.

I continued to drive, following the 35mph speed limit with the cop barely backing off my back bumper.  Finally, I told TS I had to go.  I had to concentrate and not swerve to give a reason for being pulled over.  I grabbed a piece of gum.  I approached the next stop sign and signaled to turn left.  I drove a few more miles, 5 miles under the speed limit now beginning to fear that I would be pulled over for driving too slow, and just wondering when the hell I was going to get pulled over already!

Then, it happened.  The lights came on and I pulled into the church parking lot where I spent a great deal of my life.  How fitting. 

I turned on my interior light to grab my license.  The cop approached my lowered window and shined in his flashlight.  He asked for license and registration.  I grabbed my registration and handed it to him with my license.

He asked if I was from the city on my license.  I tell him, "Yes, I am.  I am on my way back to my parents."  He didn't leave my window.  He didn't run anything.  He had a smile and was quite personable.  He told me that gunshots at a nearby trailer park were heard and reported to come from a small black car.  Lucky me.  He said that he had run my plate and it came back with a different car.  He said he ran a G instead of a Q...which I have one of the crazy self-decomposing plates that my Q doesn't really look like a Q.  I told him I was just chatting with a friend on the phone on the way home when I noticed a car up my rear.  He apologized.

He said that he would wait until I gathered up my things and left the parking lot.  I was glad that I wasn't given a ticket for something I didn't do or worse yet arrested.  Mainly for being at the wrong place at the wrong time.  I was thankful that the cop seemed pleasant, somewhat young and not like he had something to prove.  He in turn was glad that I was friendly and clearly not someone shooting a gun in a trailer park at 4:15a.m.!


So how was your Saturday night? Anything exciting you care to share?

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