Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Follies

Today seems to be one of those days.  The day that nothing seems to go the way you plan, but seems to have a better outcome!  But if I didn't know better, I would have thought it was Monday!

*  I was billed $163 for my son's physical instead of my insurance.  The doctor's office said he has a primary insurance through his father (news to me!) so my insurance can't be billed yet.  Call to sperm donor who is major douchebag and tells me to get him the bill on Monday when I can give it to my son next.

*  Home visit for work - No work vehicles available.  Have to take personal car (tires need balance and rotation as car feels like it is "shuddering").

*  Shopping for training supplies and food for all day training I am teaching on Saturday (and completely NOT prepared for!)

Need to pick up son's contacts (saved over 1/2 since the amount they quoted didn't include insurance discount).

*  Need to have tires rotated and balanced.

- Because I had to take my personal car to my home visit, I was able to get groceries for training and not have to move them back to personal car for training!  I was also able to swing by and grab my son's contacts and get my tires done.  While sitting at Discount Tire for an hour, I was able to truly focus on reading through my training material for my class from 9-3:30p.m.

*  Order Chinese Take Out (have number on cell phone)

While waiting for order, run to Dollar Store and purchase serving bowls and platter for training food.

*  Arrive to pick up Chinese food and pay to learn that I didn't call and order from that restaurant.

-  Instead of stiffing the other take out Chinese place across town, I drove across town to pick up my order.  In doing so, I was able to run home and drop off the bill on my son's computer that he will pick up after school to spend the weekend with his dad.  I was also able to get my mail, check email and eat at home!

At this point, it is only mid-day.  I managed to order lunch for the training and other than spending an hour or two in setting up the training room, I should be all set, well other than actually knowing the material I'm teaching!  All in all, the day is turning out pretty well!

Happy Friday!  May your day be blessed and merry and have a fantastic weekend!

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Anonymous said...

I liked this blog. I also enjoyed my Friday, Sat and Sun.
Life is good.
Love Ya