Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Blood Donation: DENIED

So I just returned back to my office, for the second time.  Seeing that it has been forever since I donated blood, I wasn't aware of all of the rules, regulations and policies.  I arrived and noticed a warning for donors that had traveled out of the United States in the past 12 months.  (I'm beginning to see a lawsuit in the making! jk...I can't donate blood and my credit card keeps freezing my account for travel!  People need to seriously get HAPPIER & travel!)

I was pulled aside to talk to a Supervisor about my travel to Mexico for Spring Break on the cruise.  He asked which port stops I made.  Of course being put on the spot, I came up with nothing.  A quick walk back to my office and a search of the blog to come up empty and finally a call to my mom, I had the answer.  Cozumel and Costa Maya.

I returned back to the site to inform the Supervisor.  He thought that Costa Maya was one of the banned locations but needed to verify by checking on an occupied computer.  While waiting, I mentioned that we went to the Mayan Ruins but didn't eat or drink anything, at which point he confirmed that I went to the Mayan Ruins. 

Yes, we toured the Mayan Ruins.  By traveling to Mexico and touring the Mayan Ruins, I am ineligible to donate blood for 12 months beyond my return date back to the United States due to the possible contraction of Malaria.  That would mean, no donating until early April 2011.  That is of course, assuming that I will not be doing any additional forbidden international travel between now and next April.

While I would have loved to be able to donate blood, the opportunity to travel internationally will take precedence if given the chance.

Who knows, maybe I'll have another opportunity to donate blood again in the next 18 years.  Or maybe not.  Maybe I'll let that woman's voice continue to haunt me that they don't want or need my blood.  Maybe I will just concede this one.  I lose.

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