Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Customer Service

I think I expect better customer service during the holidays. I'm not sure why exactly. I suppose it's because it's the season of giving, and maybe that means giving good service.

Sadly, I am mistaken. Time and time again, I seem to be confronted by extremely poor customer service. Today was clearly no exception.

I went up to the court house to drop off some paperwork for a co-worker. I have an access key that provides me entrance through the back door, but I decided that I would walk in and go to the counter. I bypassed the security guard/uniformed police officer chatting on the phone and walked around the metal detector. He waved at me, but I think he knew that I wasn't stopping regardless. I believe he likely recognized me, despite my infrequent visits to the court over the past year. Anyway...

There are two service windows at the court. Imagine half of a stop sign - with the door being the top and the windows on the sides. I went to the window on my right. The woman finally addressed me and when I said who I needed to drop the envelope off for she told me to go to the other window. Mind you, there is literally less than ten steps (walking not baby) between the windows! I went to the other window and the girl was chatting away with a co-worker standing behind her. She did not acknowledge me or stop her holiday banter with the man.

Knowing that the envelope wouldn't slide under the window, I used my key card and walked in and handed her the package. She seemed a little flustered since she wasn't ready to acknowledge my existence.

I don't expect to be treated any differently than a "customer". The sad thing, I wasn't.

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