Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Blogging Hiatus

I was reminded this morning how I haven't been blogging. Of course this is something that I am more than well aware. I'm struggling with what to blog and not blog about. There are many things going on, but many things that are probably left best not shared. I knew that my blogging had the potential to offend or hurt others, in an unintentional way. Afterall, it's my journal of my thoughts and I type sometimes quicker than I think.

I can't blog about work. Who knows who may come across it and what ramifications if any there may be. There are huge changes in our office, many that will affect me personally, others not so much directly. It will be interesting to see how things matriculate and if I'll find myself with new and different responsibilities that will fill a void that I've been missing at work for a while now, interest and work.

I question whether or not I should blog about relationships. It's a tough call and I'm clearly no expert in the relationship categories. I find many stories amusing but wonder how others will read them and respond. Maybe what I found entertaining isn't so much to others.

My girl friends tell me to blog. They miss reading what may or may not be happening. Afterall, maybe with my blog, I'll spend less time on the phone and therefore make my son happier! In addition, I actually enjoy blogging. It's an emotional release that I haven't been able to find anywhere else. It's about the equivalent of projectile vomiting (pre-dry heaves) when you are more than intoxicated and you feel so much better after you get sick.

Yeah, blogging is kind of like that...wrapping my arms around the porcelain god praying for it to get better and when I'm done and I rinse my mouth and push back the moistened hair from my damp brow, I actually do feel like I've accomplished something and feel better. A little bit of heaven after intense hell...

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