Friday, December 5, 2008

Google Search

Search engines are absolutely amazing! Having the world at our fingertips to search what we are thinking, questioning or wanting to know - through google, yahoo or any other of the multiple options is clearly new age.

Although, I'm sure that new age is really far more advanced than I am today in my yesterday ways of searching via the internet. But for now, it works.

Last night my son and I had a discussion while washing dishes (sans dish washer) about the "Purple Man". Let me mention that previously we were talking about spoiled milk that he had consumed at his father's house that morning and how nasty it was! Then he proceeded to tell me that the "Purple Man" turned purple from eating expired pancake mix! Seriously?

So in truly pre-adolescent new age fashion, my son told me to, "Google it!". I was pretty sure expired pancake mix wasn't the cause of the man's permanent skin discoloration, but what did I do?

I found myself down at the computer after my son's numerous prompting, Googling, "Purple Man Pancake". Needless to say, I didn't find what I was looking for.

But isn't it amazing that with a few clicks we can do searches for anything? And even more fascinated am I by what some people actually search for. Truly amazed.

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