Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Spirit of Giving

For some reason after leaving the court house en route to pick up Starbucks for a co-worker, I decided to take the highway. I was still pondering customer service in society today when I decided I wanted to donate. I'm not sure why, but I was afraid if I didn't do some charitable contribution and soon, it would be a fleeting moment.

A mile up the road I took the turn into the long drive to the animal humane society. Checkbook in hand in the rain, I walked up to the door. I was greeted by a sign that said that they didn't open until noon, another hour. There wasn't a donation box. No mailbox. No call button. There was however an animal drop off door around back.

I walked through the rain and slush of the snow to the back door to be greeted by the same sign. However this one added, "NO EXCEPTIONS."

What was I suppose to do? I wanted to give money. If I got back into the car, I knew that I wouldn't send a check in the mail. It had to be NOW. I knocked repeatedly on the door, to no avail.

Then, I went back to the front door again. Someone walked by the door and I proceeded to knock (err bang) until the lady finally, exasperated came to unlock the door for me. Apparently she didn't feel in the spirit of receiving, but I wasn't giving up on giving. Even with the stench, I stood there waiting for my receipt petting a rambunctious knee high puppy that jumped, chewed and shed on me. And, I liked it. Despite the smell of course.

See, puppies/dogs are truly likely babies for me - as much as I try to convince myself that I don't want or need one and I stay away from them, the truth is that they find a way into my heart, quickly. And, if I could, I would bundle them all up and bring them home!

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