Thursday, December 11, 2008

Awkward Ashes

My girlfriend (TS) loves bunnies and rabbits. She had four, unfortunately as of late she only has two. Her second bunny passed away before Thanksgiving entering the gates of fluffy bunny heaven, making room at the house for her new infant son born on 11/25/08.

My plans were to visit my girlfriend and Little One after I attended a few court hearings today. In the midst of getting ready for work TS called me. She asked if I could do her a favor before heading up to visit (also before heading to the court hearing 30 minutes away, in 60 minutes...), so of course I said, "Sure. What do you need?"

TS asked if I could pick up Jake's remains at the animal hospital. She said that they had already been paid for and she would call and let them know I would be in to pick him up shortly.

Excited to be getting out of the office and visiting TS and Little One, I may have appeared a little too happy walking into the animal hospital. A young man, of maybe 20 or so was standing behind the front desk and here's how the awkward conversation went:

Me: "Good Morning. I'm here to pick up Jake for TS."
Him: "Ok." He comes up to the computer and sits down.
Him: "Who are you here for?"
Me: "I'm here to pick up Jake."
Him: "Ok, and why is Jake here?" Awkward...
Me: "He was cremated and I'm here to pick up his remains." DEAD Silence...
Him: (stammering) "Ohhhh, I'mmmm sssssooooorrrrryyyy."

He gets up and walks over to the counter behind him where a little gift bag is sitting with a receipt out of it. He picks the bag up and the conversation continues:

Him: "Are you TS?"
Me: "No." He puts the bag back down.
Me: "No, I'm TS's friend and I'm here to pick up Jake."
Him: shoulders raising and HUGE sigh of relief, "Oh, Ok."

How awkward was that? I couldn't imagine if Jake had been my dear beloved pet. Maybe I was too excited walking in. Or maybe the young man was so enamoured with me and my beauty that he managed to not hear a single word I said. Or maybe the real truth...He is a man - they don't listen.

To continue on in my awkward issues type of way after leaving the animal hospital, I set Jake on the floor of my front passenger seat. Then I was concerned that I wasn't being respectful to Jake or that with a quick stop of the car he would literally go flying around the floor, so I carefully set Jake on the front passenger seat safely wedged between the seat and my purse. The last thing I needed was to explain to TS that I couldn't be responsible with Jake! Fortunately, Jake made it safe and sound to the loving arms of TS who coddled and kissed his remains and laid him to rest with his sister bunny in a beautiful bowl in the baby's room.

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