Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine Goodie Part II: EPIC FAIL

So before the final baking debacle was complete, I posted this.  Of course part of the reason for wanting to get the Valentine baking out of the way tonight was I wanted to bring in a small goodie bag for a co-worker that had a rough day.  I figured she would enjoy something sweet.  My honest intention wasn't to kill her!
Brownies right from the oven

So as you can see, my brownies don't look like the picture on the recipe card. Not even remotely.  As I mentioned, the filling was swimming!  Then with the difference of the baking pan, I added five minutes more bake time, but as you can see the sides were beginning to brown.  While the toothpick wasn't completely clean, I was afraid I would end up with burnt brownies if I baked much longer.  I attempted to be patient to let them cool.

Then I used my new cookie cutter for the large heart and a small one I already had.  The brownie was still very warm and didn't come out of the "prepared pan" as well as I hoped as it was pretty soft.  The smaller heart almost looks like the recipe picture, but the larger one, not so much.

Heart Shaped Surprise Brownies (Just like the picture - NOT)
 While they look good enough to eat, the taste?  Ummm...yeah, I think I'll buy the boxed stuff afterall.  I broke my vow to not eat anything after 9p.m. because I can't give out brownies that taste terrible, Can I? 

Sometimes it's the thought that counts right?  Yeah I'm sure my co-worker will totally get that I attempted to make her fudge but couldn't without the heavy cream so I wanted to make her a brownie.  And yeah, I f'd that up too.  But here's pictures to prove I attempted?  Yeah, that will go over like a ton of flying bricks. 

Or better yet...A ton of flying brownies! 

(On a completely random side note - I'm still LOVING my dishes that MS gave me for Christmas!)

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