Monday, February 21, 2011

Shower Curtain 19+

Surprisingly even though I have counted my shower curtains, I have absolutely no recollection of how many I really have.  With the new addition of the basement shower and three curtains solely for that bathroom, I am sure I am easily into the twenties, but who is really counting?

Last Friday I stopped into Kohl's on my lunch break.  I had a 30% off coupon (although I learned that if you LIE and say you had one and left it at home, they will honor it!) and wanted to buy some new black pants for my Chicago trip. 

Before I made my way to the women's section, I picked up some lounge/sleep pants for T for his birthday and then stopped in the clearance shoe area.  Two pair of boots later - both great steals and one a pair of knee high black heels - I found myself in the bathroom section.  Besides, seeing that I bought boots, I could find a dress or something to wear in Chicago with the boots rather than dull black pants!

Bathroom areas, clearance sections and 30% off are NOT a good mix for me!  I found myself buying three different color rug sets, two sets of hand towels, two sets of bath towels in two colors, a garbage can and a shower curtain! 

In my steal of deals, I managed to leave Kohl's without black pants, new bathroom paraphernalia, two pairs of boots and Kohl's cash to return next week! 

So here is the latest shower curtain with two of the three rug sets.  The third set would also match as it is orange, but I decorated the basement bath.

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