Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Texting Truth?

My bf has a Droid Smart Phone.  Honestly, my bf is pretty smart without the phone.  Actually I would almost beg to say he IS smarter than his phone.  I can attest and I likely won't be playing Bezzerwizzer against him anytime soon!

However, when texting he uses the automatic text or completion or something.  Clearly I have no idea.  I have a Rumor2 phone without internet access.  Yes, I am living in the Dark Ages and I am still alive!  Anyway, I have to say that some of his texts just crack me up when he doesn't catch what the phone has completed.  Typically it has to do with a change of wording when he is attempting to curse.

This morning I received this email response:

"Lying in bed trying to get warm.  Need you to come head me up ;)"

Now that IS funny!  Maybe the smart phone is smarter - but almost positive that should have been "heat"!

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