Thursday, October 14, 2010

Time & Travel

Tonight I was asked the question, "If you had one hour to do anything, without any worries, what would you do?"

Fortunately for me, I do have lots of hours of free time to do anything I want.  I'm not an extreme risk taker or daredevil, so there aren't truly any "worries" that I would have.  I am fortunate enough to have a job that I have both annual and sick leave to utilize when I need time off as well as built in babysitter when my son is with his dad. 

The question I would prefer, "If I could go anywhere and money and responsibilities were not a factor, where would I go?" 

I would love to go to Australia!  I know it won't be my first travel locale due to finances, but it is definitely where I want to visit! 

On a side note, AG had called last night and I didn't have a chance to call him back.  I called him today and he told me about an educational opportunity of five weeks in London next year for 6 credits (which he doesn't need) for $10,000 and asked if I thought it was a good deal.  Granted, I've been to London once, for 1.5 days.  I loved it and would like to go back, for a few more days or maybe even a week. But five weeks?  I suggested that after AG graduates this winter, he should consider actually traveling Europe.  Explore tours and other vacation destinations that could afford him more traveling and opportunities for less.  Tonight he called me and told me, "I agree with you."  Then he asked me if he found a great European vacation, would I be game? 

Unfortunately I told him "no".  I would LOVE to go back to Europe.  I would love to travel around without the constraints of a guided travel group.  However, financially, it just isn't possible.  I have been to Europe.  I continue to pay off my basement bathroom.  He doesn't plan on going until after January, which is going into a year of domestic travel as my son will be with me for both Christmas holiday and Spring Break.  I didn't even regret saying "no", no matter how much I love to travel.

If you had one hour to do anything without worries, what would you do?  If you could go anywhere for any length of time without financial concerns, where would you go?

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