Monday, October 18, 2010

Green Be Gone: Greeting Grey

DK's Bedroom Before

DK is the Ex-BF (of 2.5 years ago).  He HATES painting.  His bedroom is the only room in his house that I didn't paint for him since he's owned it.  He and his dad painted it, although I admit I may have had some input on the color.  The room ended up being Gumdrop or something similar and we thought it would go well with a new black and white comforter, black curtains, black and glass night stands and Ansel Adams framed pictures.  It would have.  Almost.  IF they hadn't purchased it in a semi-gloss which made the color so obnoxiously hideous.  That was...four years ago.

Last summer while hanging out with DK on his jetski, I offered to help him repaint.  Shortly there after he was involved in a relationship and I decided they could do it together!  Unfortunately that relationship didn't work.  Two weekends ago, some fifteen months later, I finally fulfilled my promise to help paint his bedroom.  I'm not really sure why, and I may have thought several expletives while painting the room while he and T watched the UofM/MSU game!  He did tape the room and cleared out the furniture!  He also offered to get me things every twenty minutes or so! 

Seeing that DK is color blind, he didn't care what color to paint.  I decided he needed something calming and neutral that wouldn't scare away any new girlfriend.  I actually went with one shade lighter than what I had painted his living room, a light grey.  I did ask for his help in rolling the second coat - which proved most disastrous as he really had no idea how to roll paint on a wall!  I caught most of the running drips, but not all!  But it looked so much better than before!

DK's Bedroom After
Now if only I would actually finish the painting in my house!  I still have to finish the laundry room and outside window trim!  Maybe I'll even do it before next year! 

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