Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bandwidth & the Internet

I follow about 30 blogs.  Of them, there are about 10 that I no longer have interest in reading; however, no matter how many times I try, I cannot delete myself from following.  I follow the blogs in Google Reader and often read them throughout the day at work as well as Yahoo news.

I was recently informed that I am one of the top bandwidth users in my office.  I was advised to immediately cease downloading movies, videos and music.  I do not do any of those.  I do however read blogs in Google Reader, check my yahoo email and follow the news.  I was advised that anything "video" related uses bandwidth.  All employees were advised to stop action and monitoring will be heightened.

As I value my job and the ability to pay my bills and maintain my lifestyle, I am ceasing all internet usage at the office unless work related.  It is amazing how much time I try to kill when I don't have work, spending it online.  I don't have internet access on my phone as I vowed I didn't want access 24/7 since I have a personal computer as well as internet access at work.  I'm beginning to wonder if maybe I should as maintaining my job is far more income than the expenditure of internet on my phone per month!  For now, I think that life will go on without frequent surfing of the internet.  I'm not addicted to Facebook or blogs or even email, but I do wonder how I will pass the days of downtime while sitting at my desk. I've considered working out, but I can't get sweaty.  I've considered reading, but the thought of getting "caught".

Any suggestions? 

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