Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mini Vacation

A couple of weeks ago I was really struggling with missed trips and vacations.  A summer gone by too quickly and not enough fun occurring.  I had talked with a friend of mine and we were both discussing our desire to get out of town.  I told him if he ever wanted to go somewhere to let me know as I'm always looking for travel companions that have the financial means and time to travel.  I didn't think much of it. Afterall, he and I had gone out twice, I wasn't interested in anything further.  We've maintained an online friendship since. 

The next day after that conversation, he emailed me and asked where I wanted to go for a getaway.  We kicked around Chicago but one night in a hotel he thought was "cool" was $367 plus tax and parking.  No Thank You.  We decided to head the other direction, Detroit.  We found a bus brewery tour that hits three breweries that we bought the last two tickets.  A co-worker had advised of a special on that had their gift certificates 90% off and I managed to pick up $350 in gift certificates for $14.75.  We plan on going to dinner at The Whitney in Detroit with our $50 gift certificate that cost under $2.00.  So we are excited about a nice dinner at a reasonable cost!  Then we plan on hitting one of the haunted houses in the area where he offered that I can hold his hand if needed (after a local haunted house last weekend, I'm afraid I might cry or worse at a real haunted house!)!  We then hope to hit one of the casinos as he hasn't been to a casino in about a decade!  I picked up a 3.5 star hotel in Detroit for $50 on and a Marriott for Friday night for $40 on - I LOVE naming my own price!  Within two days of our initial discussion, tour tickets and hotels were purchased. 

I am really excited about our getaway!  We have lots of fun things planned and will get in town early enough on the Friday to enjoy dinner and hit the town before the morning beer tour.  Since we made plans, we have talked on the phone once.  ONCE.  We have emailed, texted or instant messaged daily.  I'm sure I'm not the easiest person to be around or travel with and wonder what type of travel companion he is.  I wonder how this trip will turn out.  Then again, my winter Christmas trip to Colorado turned out extremely well, so cheers to mini vacations!  To new friends, new adventures, great times and great memories!

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