Friday, October 22, 2010

How to Embrace Ghettoesque....

This morning as T was getting ready for school, I reminded him that I would be chauffeuring him to school.  Due to the car accident yesterday and the inability to open the passenger front door, he will have to sit in the back seat.

T grumbled.  He is so embarrassed that he has to sit in the backseat.  I told him it will only last the weekend and he almost begged that we have absolutely nowhere to go this weekend.  I told him we might have the movies, shopping and a haunted house.  He sighed heavily.

This was the continued conversation that ensued after pulling down the driveway:

Me:  "Think of it this way: How cool is it that you get chauffeured around?"

T:  "I feel like such a little kid!  Drrr...."

Me:  "Just think of it as a Nascar Neon Limo!"

T:  "Right Mom (eyes rolling).  This Neon is so not big enough to be a Limo!"

Me: "Think about how cool you are that you no longer want to be seen sitting in the front seat next your Mom!  Now if only we can find the remote to the radio, you can change the channel from the backseat!"

T:  "So Mom?  Where is the off button to silence you?"

Me:  "Adolescence My son.  It was when you turned 13.  You no longer hear me.  What?"

T:  (laughing) "What?  Yeah, that's a good one mom.  Yeah, THAT'S FUNNY!"

Happy Friday! 

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