Friday, November 5, 2010

Raker's Remorse...Rule to Read

My lawn has been overcome by leaves.  Being out of town for several days didn't fare well for the accumulation of my small yard.  I had anticipated either mowing or raking on Sunday and that didn't happen.  Life happened.  I also anticipated cutting the gas pipes to fit them in the garbage can.  That didn't happen either.  Life happened (and in such probably avoided some other pivotal handyman injury in the process!)

I have a little advice on raking.  Clearly, without daylight savings time in effect, it gets much darker, much earlier, especially in Michigan.

Seeing that it wasn't until 6:30p.m. until I was able to start raking, I quickly found myself navigating my yard in the dark.  I figured I would finish the back and side yard and save the front yard for Saturday.  Of course once I got started, there really wasn't much stopping me; however, while raking in the dark may prove challenging, it is nothing compared to:

Raking in the dark with the rake upside down and the tines facing up! 

TGIF, TGIF =)  Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Haha. Are you serious?

Ms. Independent said...

Only Me...Only Me. The sad part, I didn't do it only once...but found myself doing it at least THREE times! =)