Friday, November 5, 2010

Meijer Muse

I love Meijer.  I have a Meijer credit card.  I use it for almost everything (unless I have a department store card elsewhere).  I noticed yesterday that they raised my limit 3+ times higher than my requested lowered limit.  Sigh...

I love saving .05 on every gallon of gas at Meijer gas stations.

I love special sale days for Meijer card holders:  15% off G. Merchandise,  5% off Grocery.       November 8, 2010 will be the next sale day!

Increased love for Meijer occurred tonight. I learned that all pre-cut deli meat is 50% off an hour before deli closing!  Clearly they don't advertise this, or I would have known!  While I don't frequent the deli counter often and have no idea what the deli hours are, tonight we scored some serious sandwich fixings: salami, honey baked ham, mesquite bbq chicken and honey roasted turkey!  Looking forward to some great sandwiches this weekend with cheese, lettuce and tomato...

Oh how I love my Meijer!

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