Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Exercise Update

In searching through my blog, the last link I had about exercise was on February 9, 2011.  I browsed it quickly to confirm that I failed my promise to myself to get healthy and lose ten pounds by Spring Break.  I attempted the 30 Day Shred and completed about 8 days before I became completely bored with the workout and managed to hit a workout block by not making the time to exercise. 

I was doing extremely well taking a multi-vitamin for her for ninety days, although after I finished the first bottle, I have been terrible at taking the vitamins in the second bottle.  Why is it I lose interest and focus so quickly?  If taking a pill wasn't so difficult, maybe I would consider an ADD pill so that I could focus and not hit the brick wall so quickly!  I never did bother with the fish oil pills.  I couldn't fathom another pill or the rumor that I would be burping or tasting fish!

Back to the starting block.  Do you have any ideas or suggestions to motivate me???

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