Friday, July 15, 2011

Perfect Timing To Be...

In the midst of craziness of Little League regular season finishing, team tournaments, Allstar tournaments and T's weekend travel tournament team, I am almost at the point of no return of baseball.  The last minute craziness of scheduled practices, the lack of communication and the forgetfulness of a fourteen year old with his baseball equipment dispersed between homes, I am at my limit!

In addition to baseball there is the little nuances of the latest round of hidden drama of an ailing father and his wife's adolescent behavior and lack of communication toppled on top of a job of no return or reward.  The job issues shall pass - since they are crisis related for the most part - but the surmounting frustration of recruiting and retaining when the reality of people's lives, family and abuse occur leaves the situation prospects rather dismal.

While the much needed vacation could come sooner, I am definitely welcoming the vacation that MS planned for just the two of us, seven days/six nights (cutting a night short to return to motherhood and a respite foster care placement) in Riviera Maya, Mexico.

We are staying at one of the adult only resorts of karismahotels.  While I went to the Riviera Maya in 2008 and stayed at an Iberostar with JN, we never left the resort.  MS and I are hoping to travel and venture to Cancun and Playa Del Carmen.  He would like to go deep sea fishing and we both would like to parasail.  He would also love to play some golf which I said would be a great solo opportunity for him :)  but agreed that if he wanted company (and entertainment) I would golf with him!  I can't wait for this much needed vacation.  MS and I have been spending more time together when we can, but clearly this seven day vacation traveling out of the country shall test our relationship.

I believe that he and I are ready for this test.  

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