Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Spring Break 2011

How long ago Spring Break seems.  It has been just over a month since we returned from our trip to Branson, Missouri.  We purchased seasons passes to Silver Dollar City and were able to attend for the weekend of the Youth Christian weekend as well as the first day of World Fest. 
Cave @ Silver Dollar City

The weather was very nice and it was much needed to see sun and feel warmth.  T and I got along fabulously.  Our two bedroom condo was really a "lock out" which was a one bedroom unit and a studio unit joined with a locked door.  So basically, T had his own apartment for a week.  The condo was more than sufficient for the two of us. 
T's Room

The week went by far too quickly with lazy mornings and attending shows.  We attended a vacation club program which of course I had to purchase.  I still have yet to determine if it is scandalous - but afterall vacations are my passion.  I can never travel or venture enough and if I can have access to better deals than I can find, it is well worth my dollar.  Of course by going to the presentation we received many free and discounted show tickets that entertained us throughout the week.  We attended the Haygoods (a family of musicians and singers), a variety show that was very entertaining that their name escapes me and a Chinese acrobatic show that we both could have done without!  We attended another property presentation at T's request where we received $100 in WalMart gift cards and T got half.

We played miniature golf, checked out Branson's landing and attempted fishing.  The week went by entirely way too fast!  We stopped in St. Louis and went to the top of the Arch and went to the City Museum.  We had a blast at the Museum and I would highly recommend it!  We also went to the aquarium in the museum and T had a blast getting his "manicure" by the fish that nibbled on him! 
City Museum - Outside - St. Louis, Missouri
St. Louis Arch

T's Manicure
I didn't once regret my decision to not vacation with MS.  We texted and talked on the phone throughout our entire vacation, but I just felt that T and I had a much more relaxed and enjoyable time on our own. 

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