Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Movie Muse

I did it again, I rented a movie recently that I had previously rented in September!  Although when I picked it up at T's request and frustration of all the PG13 movies I had watched without him, I did think I had already watched the movie.  Unfortunately it was a movie I gave 1.5 out of 5 stars.  Oh well, I am running thin on movies to rent as of late.

I am not a big Jim Carey fan.  I admit I have probably watched a great majority of his movies, but not with great enthusiasm.  The other day I rented, "I Love You Phillip Morris". 

This movie exacerbates the importance of details and expectations.  Granted, I didn't have high expectations and I couldn't recall what the description summary on the box had been.  During the opening credits I was half paying attention while playing a game of spades online.  I saw the actors and then I saw, "It really did." in the clouds of the opening.  I wondered what really did.  I considered rewinding the DVD to see what I missed in that split moment and decided it probably wasn't important. 

Fifteen minutes into the movie, I had had enough.  While I am not homophobic, something about Jim Carey screaming out his desire to be a "FAGGOT" was almost revolting.  His prancing and parading his new gay life from his quiet suburban married life was all too much for me to find entertaining.  But...I didn't turn the movie off.  I proceeded to watch the whole movie.  At the end of the movie, I read the closing text about Phillip Morris and Steve Russo. 

The movie was based on FACT. 

My favorite type of movie.  I was amused by the ending.  I watched the section of the DVD on the making of the movie.  I wished that I had taken the moment to rewind the movie to realize that the movie was real and it happened.  It really did. 

What a different perspective I have on the movie knowing that it was based on true events.  That Jim Carey portrayed Steven Russo, a con-man who is serving time in prison with his earliest release of 2140.  Who knew that one second of a movie would have such an impact?

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