Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Home Improvements: Hallway

MS, my bf has some serious OCD issues, with my house.  Every time he comes over, he points out every flaw - from painting issues, unsunk nails, too high light switches, not enough name it, he points it out.  One day he managed to point out a color spot on my bedroom ceiling, a blue color on the kitchen ceiling and then peeling paint in the front entrance.

He scraped the ceiling, which then managed to be half of the ceiling which would require new paint.  Unfortunately the ceiling paint I had was different texture and due to the cold temperature in the entrance dried and cracked requiring more scraping and a whole new ceiling paint job (to be done later).  The imaginary blue in the kitchen that I painted over can now be seen as a different ceiling white. The nails that he sunk under the window trim then meant that I had to sink all of them in the trim around the bathroom, which meant I was leaning on a ladder and balancing the thought of falling while filling in nail holes.  All of his LITTLE jobs and negativity means BIG projects for me as they aren't quick fixes. 

The next time he came over, he started on why the hallway only had one light switch.  What hallway only has ONE switch?  SERIOUSLY?  I had had it.  I couldn't handle the constant criticism and negativity.  I didn't build the house!  The house was built in the late 20's!  I have been in it for 11 years, but it is not perfect.  I am NOT perfect.  Please try to be positive!  I told him so.  And, 30 minutes later his son asked why the light switch in the bathroom was so high!  Sigh...

I did finally manage to repaint the hallway - the only area in my house to have NOT been painted (well except inside closets!).  I had avoided the hallway in all it's off white and dirty glory with SEVEN doorways and SIX doors.  I vacillated on colors and finally settled on a tan along the yellow spectrum, Toasted Almond.  I also removed all the toe molding and replaced it along with repainting all of the doors white.  I painted the coat hook and shelf and updated the hooks and added an additional.  It is so nice to just not see all the dirt and discoloration anymore.  So at wonderful what a coat of paint can accomplish!

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