Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Father Update

My father suffered a small stroke.  He has regained some movement in his right hand with the assistance of physical therapy.  He is finally able to walk small distances but he needs a walker or wheel chair for longer distances. 

I called the nurses' station last week to learn that he had been moved.  The nurse didn't know or wouldn't disclose where he was moved to.  I contacted my Aunt and she had heard from my Uncle the previous day that my father was being moved to a physical therapy floor.  I emailed my Uncle and am now on his mailing list, which gets me involved in the drama as he makes sure that "A" receives all correspondence as does everyone else who is on his mailing list when he emails her.  It is entertaining to be an observer for a while.

I left a message for my father's Social Worker with the temporary Social Worker.  She called me back days later and left a message.  I missed her call and she was unavailable thirty minutes later.  That was Friday.  I still have not heard from her.  I guess nurse Social Workers don't have the same Standard of Promptness that I have.  I meant to call the Social Worker sooner but I mistakenly called my father instead.  Fortunately his wife wasn't with him at the time and our conversation was fine. 

He anticipates being on the physical therapy floor - where PT is DUMB and the response time of staff is almost non-existent for a week.  He will then move into his wife's new handicapped accessible apartment for up to 6 weeks before the LVAD.  Personally, I think the return to the apartment is the hospital's way of testing if they are vested in therapy, medication and follow through.  My father did say that "A" is frustrated that she can't get to see him at the hospital when she wants due to transportation issues. how would that make them good recipients of an LVAD?

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