Monday, December 27, 2010

Mail Muse

Happy Holidays!  Hope that you and yours are having a fabulous holiday season!

Last week, we received (another year in a row) a Christmas card for our neighbors across the street with our address.  I circled the address (thinking the neighbors would notify their friends of their correct address) and had my son run it across the street and put it in their mailbox.

Today, we received the card in the mail...AGAIN. 

While mail courier service is dying and it has been suggested to mail back empty SASE envelopes from credit card companies to charge their dime as well as keep mailmen busy, that wasn't our thought for the Christmas card!

So my son ran it back across the street and put it back in their mailbox.  This time they should get it as the mailbox has mail in it - too bad it is after Christmas! 

Cheers!   =)

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