Monday, December 6, 2010

Saturday Shaving - A First

T turned 13 in early Spring.  Thirteen.  In several months, he will be Fourteen.  Yes, I know how to count and I know you do too.  Bear with me, I'm trying to grasp the magnitude that my son is not just entering the phase of teenage years and leaving pre-adolescence behind.  He will officially have survived his first teenage year.  Anyway, I'm jumping the gun.

A sore subject for my son, his facial hair.  He has had visible facial hair since he was approximately nine years old.  So not cool for a nine year old.  Unfortunately, T's father is a direct ancestor of a grizzly bear or Cro-Magnon Man.  Truth be told, I'm probably not too far removed from my ancestors either. 

For T's birthday I asked if he wanted a razor.  He asked, "Do I need one?" 

Saturday, T and I purchased his first razor.  I actually didn't anticipate that he was going to want to use it immediately.  I was wrong.  So we had to run out to another store to pick up some shaving cream. 

T picked out shaving cream and after shave.  We headed home for his first shaving adventure.  He lathered his upper lip with shaving cream.  His hand unsteadily held the razor as he looked in the mirror getting ready to make his first shaving draw.  Nervously, he made his first cut and then again and again.  I took several pictures and offered advice of sticking his tongue into his upper lip to tighten the skin.  And then...he nicked himself.  Blood.  Blood.  More Blood.

Of course, it was my fault.  I told him he didn't have to use more shaving cream if his face was still wet.  He survived and actually didn't hold a grudge either. 

On the drive to dinner, T reminisced on his shaving experience.  He asked if he would now have to shave more than before.  More than none? Yes, he will.  A few hours later, T stated he wanted to shave again. 

I wonder how long it will take for the initial excitement to wear off.  I know I hate shaving. 

Is the love-hate relationship of shaving different for men/boys and women/girls?

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