Tuesday, December 14, 2010

'Tis the Season to Give Thanks

My earlier post was difficult and in true blogger fashion, I am feeling cleansed.  Relieved.  Of course the sobbing and cursing may have helped with the immediate healing process as well as the phone conversations!

'Tis the Season of Christmas.  Christmas and holidays can be very difficult and stressful times.  I am feeling absolutely fortunate and blessed.  I do feel that I am never given more than I can handle, despite questioning and wondering the validity of that statement at times.  I have a survivor mentality and personality and most of all the best mother and friend I could ever want or ask! 

I am so very thankful for my mom and her husband.  For their love, support and faith.  For their selflessness and their unconditional love.  For their acceptance and guidance and nurturance.  For their ability to listen, console and advise. For their ability to be fabulous grandparents, parents and friends.

I am thankful for my health, my son, my employment, my sanity, my family and my friends to name a few.  I know that silently I give thanks.  I recognize who I am and the opportunities and experiences I have endured.  The road less traveled, the road of speed bumps and the Sunday scenic drives along the path that often seems like a six-lane expressway.   

At this holiday season, I feel blessed.  I AM blessed. 

I wish and hope for you:  Wishing a blessed, safe and happy holiday season to you and yours! 

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