Friday, January 7, 2011

Attachment Frustration

Being a Social Worker, I deal with my share of attachment issues to the extreme which is often labeled as RAD or Reactive Attachment Disorder; however, my frustration tonight had nothing to do with Social Work.

Today I decided to review 2010.  A Year in Review.  Granted it was rather boring and very lengthy and ended with my predictions for 2011.  I whipped it up on break at work in a Word document and emailed it to myself.  Tonight I battled opening the document and when I won, I found out that I actually lost as I was unable to copy, cut and paste or edit the document as it was protected.  Sigh.  I tried every which way to no avail.

So tomorrow I shall find time to post my long ramble of my year in review.  Forewarning, you may want to just skip it.  It's more for my own benefit next year in comparison.

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