Monday, February 13, 2012


I love the color brown.  Over the years I have added various hues of brown to my living room.  Sometime around 2002 I hand painted every single brick on my fireplace one of three colors, two a shade of brown.  Last year for my birthday I purchased area rugs for my living room and dining room in different hues of brown. 

In late November 2011, I finally finished my brown theme, almost a decade in the making.  Although I have to admit, I didn't know it was in the making.  Usually, if I start something, I finish it.  So the living room and dining room, were always a vision, but never a priority.  I purchased a living room set and then a can of paint.  MS and I painted the accent wall in the living room a dark mocha brown and painted the door white (removing all traces of the previous purple!).  I replaced the window treatment with a new curtain rod and five curtain panels.  The curtain rod was actually quite an adventure and after two attempts, I found one at Bed Bath & Beyond large enough (imagine that!).

I purchased wall decor to decorate the walls, including the dining room walls.  I tore down the chair rail and the wall paper and border on the dining room wall.  I went to a painting store on three occasions and painted plates to hang. 

I added the brown wall color to my dresser in the dining room to spruce it up. 

The dresser: BEFORE

The dresser: AFTER
The cedar chest that had been in T's room and subsequently moved into the hallway was repainted and for $3.78 I picked up a perfectly matching piece of fabric and replaced the sports decorum. 

Cedar Chest: AFTER

I have to say that I love, love, love my living room and dining room.  I feel so peaceful and content when I walk in the room.  I am so relaxed.  Accomplished. 

Dining Room: AFTER

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