Thursday, March 3, 2011

Shower Curtain Comfort

I had blogged about purchasing orange towels and a toilet lid cover and rug around the toilet.  I purchased a floor rug as well.  Despite the small size of the downstairs bathroom, I managed to fit the large floor rug in and adorn the bath with orange.  I put back up the orange and olive circular shower curtain.  I have to say that I love, love, love the color orange and how it looks!

Yesterday while I waited in pre-op at the hospital I received a text from one of my girlfriends.  She told me not to get too excited but Kohl's had Valentine's shower curtains on clearance for $7.  Of course I couldn't head there at the moment, but I did make time first thing this morning to get to Kohl's. 

As I needed to spend my Kohl's cash, what better than on another shower curtain?  At first I didn't find it, but I soon did.  I managed to get two red hand towels with hearts, a heart rug and the shower curtain.  I also picked up another shower curtain on clearance that is striped that will match both bathrooms.  Of course I spent more than my $20 Kohl's cash, but so well worth it.

Now if only I can find my Shower Curtain Anonymous class, I think things are getting out of hand!  I am running out of room on my shelf for all of my curtains and rug ensembles.  Or maybe I should embrace it and start a meetup group for other shower curtain hoarders! 

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