Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bedroom Redo

Over seven years ago, I repainted my bedroom.  I didn't have a choice and it was actually a good thing since I had to cover over the random primer that had been painted by the ex.  Since the ceiling needed to be painted, I had this great idea to paint it.  Paint it the same color as the walls.  And that painting of the ceiling and the ceiling fan were enough reasons to not repaint.  But the seven year itch happened.

My room was purple.  Initially I thought the color I purchased was brown, but after painting, it was purple.  I learned how similar brown, purple and pink look depending on the lighting.  I even tried to accent the past few years to pull out brown, but was primarily unsuccessful.

 I had hoped to paint my room a milk chocolate.  Then one day last week I woke up and decided I didn't want brown.  I feared another purple/pink debacle.  I feared that there isn't one true brown color and that what I painted would be completely different than comforters I was trying to match.  I decided I wanted a pale blue but when I played around on Sherwin Williams with my room I was appalled at the new look.  The next morning I woke and wanted a gold/bronze color that was shimmery and was told at the paint store that without doing a faux finish, not possible.  I was trying to pull out the colors in the comforter.  Then, I decided to go with the taupe.  A darker grey/brown.  I also picked up a couple pictures at Meijer with my 15% off, new linen color blinds on clearance and moved a picture from my living room into my bedroom to complete the room.

Brown- with the flash (not true color)

Bedroom 3/2011 Without Flash

I am glad to have a color different than purple!  It is definitely not what I had imagined for my room over the past couple years.  The brown above with the flash is very close to what I had wanted initially.  I like the color and am welcoming the change.  While I despised painting the ceiling, I do like having a white ceiling again!  Now if only the paint fumes would dissipate a little faster, all would be perfect!

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