Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bathroom Curtain Changes

I am beginning to realize that I really have an issue with my shower curtain purchasing.  I had myself convinced that I was improving and moving beyond changing the curtains after adding the new bathroom, but I was in DENIAL.

Even T said tonight, "Mom, you have a serious problem with shower curtains."

I have purchased four shower curtains since mid-February.  In three weeks, I have purchased four.  Granted one of them was the clearance Valentine's Day curtain.

Tonight I switched out both bathroom shower curtains.  I had initially put the safari curtain in the upstairs bath and realized that it didn't pull out any of the wall color and looked beyond ridiculous.  So I moved it immediately into the basement bathroom where it matches much better. Of course it's hard to see the entire curtain in the shower and to maneuver to get a good picture in such a small space!
Safari Curtain
I moved the orange accents upstairs to go with this new striped shower curtain that will go in both bathrooms.  I have to say that the photo doesn't do it justice.

I suppose I could have worse purchasing addictions than reduced shower curtains...right?

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