Monday, June 27, 2011

Guest Bedroom Transformation

I made some changes to the guest bedroom to make it a little more personable for W.  Of course I wanted to see where he preferred to sleep.  So the bedroom change from the bunk bed along the back wall allowed for him to use the ladder.  If he didn't want to sleep in the bed, I could either move the mattress to the floor or I could use the aero bed on the floor if he wanted something bigger than the twin.  He decided he wanted to sleep in the bunk, so I changed the bedding to be more masculine than the photo.  

Of course I had already purchased the full size bedding, a piece of art and the area rug for the room transformation.  I just needed to get the couch out, the bunk bed disassembled and purchase the full size bed and frame.  No big deal, right?  I had the bunk bed disassembled rather quickly and last Monday T helped me put it in the storage room.  The couch?  Another story.  We attempted every which way to get it out and had no success.  I manged to take the paint off the door trim in three different spots though!  Fortunately MS and I managed to get it out rather quickly after removing the door (I had attempted that myself with no luck!).

I absolutely LOVE the new bedroom look!  It is wonderful to finally have an assembled room.  W painted the wall artwork and I painted the lampshades.  T attempted to paint one lampshade which was an EPIC FAIL.  I plan to paint another white one as I don't care for the yellow one I painted - but I was too lazy to paint over the yellow!

The picture doesn't capture the pale blue and green circles well on the lampshade and artwork.  W did a great job on his picture! 

What do you think of the room transformation? 

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