Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dog Sitting

I have officially survived, but more importantly, my parents "puppy" has survived eight days of me dog sitting.  Granted, the dog sitting isn't over, yet.   For the most part, we have all managed quite well, but I won't be getting a dog anytime soon.  Bubba, the 110#, black lab, 14.5 month puppy will be staying with us for another week.  Here are a few things I have learned to date:

1.  Dog sitting can be compared to foster care - taking care of someone else's loved one, adjusting to their behaviors and temperaments; attempting to teach, love and nurture while changing everything about your daily routine and lifestyle. 

2.  I confirm that I am not a morning person.  Waking at 6:30a.m. to let Bubba out after taking him out at 1:15a.m. is not a welcomed opportunity.

3.  Teaching a dog to not go outside without adult supervision/company is NOT a good idea.  I am sure my neighbors can vouch as they probably prefer not to see me standing in a night gown in the back yard.

4.  Watching a large dog mad hump his bed pillow is HYSTERICAL. 

5.  Putting the dog's leash under the bbq wheel is NOT a good idea when one is multi-tasking and the BF is standing by dumbfoundly watching said dog race to the neighbors.  Watching said BF watch the said dog spaz out and drag the bbq grill while trying to free self is NOT entertaining.

6.  Involving the dog in as much as possible is equally rewarding for the dog as almost everyone involved.  Dog loves going for morning field trips to take T to school.  He enjoys watching T's ball games and getting lots of attention from the crowd but gets easily frustrated that he hasn't figured out how to catch the balls hit on the field side of the fence.

7.  Bubba is a WUSS.  We had a trip to the local dog park on Sunday.  He cowered by me almost the entire two hours fearing every other dog, especially dogs that were smaller than his paw!  Oh what a BABY.

8.  Being homebound hasn't been as difficult as I imagined, but definitely has been an adjustment.  Of course having T around has been helpful, but when he is with his dad, that means it's just Bubba and Me.  And well, I have to admit that I am getting a little irritated (runny eyes and headaches) from the dog smell.  Looking forward to taking him to the dog wash soon, as long as I can be sure to not have to deal with the WET dog smell!

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