Friday, June 10, 2011

Bubba & The Dog Wash

Tonight T and I took Bubba to the dog wash.  Of course, we went and checked it out post bowling, T's haircut, T's clothes shopping and shopping to pick up sundae toppings and beverages.  The dog wash looked easy enough: like a car wash, but an indoor enclosed wash room with everything imaginable to wash your dog/pet.  A minimum of $5 charge.  We headed home to make quick sundaes and grab Bubba for the drive and adventure of the dog wash.

Bubba must have known something was going on.  He wasn't heading in the direction of school for his morning field trip or to the ball fields.  Within a mile from our destination he began whining consistently.  We pulled up to the Dog Wash and parked in the Dog Wash Parking Spot. 

We took Bubba inside and he eagerly walked up the dog ramp and into the wash basin.  We connected him to the leash in the tub and put on our heavy duty (provided) aprons.  We purchased .50 of "cookies" for Bubba to give him while we washed him.  Our initial $5.00 allowed us to rinse, shampoo, condition and partially use the flea and tick rinse.  Since we didn't add the extra money in the allotted time, we had to put in another minimum of $5.00.  We added more flea and tick, rinsed and then used the cool blow dryer in addition to towel drying.  The whole event lasted about 15 minutes, if that.  Bubba was a real trooper and it was nice that the flooding of water happened on their floor, not my bathroom floor!  Definitely a great experience and one I would recommend for pet owners.

Bubba all clean!

He loved the cookie treats too!

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