Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Simple Pleasures...The Dollar Store

I LOVE the Dollar Tree store.  "LOVE" may be a strong word, but I think completely appropriate.  I really can't stand shopping.  I shop out of necessity: I need groceries, I need a new shower curtain (seriously!), I need an outfit, I need home improvement things...You will seldom find me window shopping or just meandering around any store aimlessly without a purpose.  Granted, to the onlooker, it may look that way, but I always have a reason, it's just sometimes I forget what brought me into the store in the first place. 

I LOVE the Dollar Tree because, I have a few spare dollars.  I would almost dare to say, "Who doesn't?", but I know that answer.  I really do.

My favorite dollar store purchase:  "Allergy": An off-brand equivalent to Benadryl Ultratab, antihistamine.  A little pink allergy pill.  They come in either a package or a bottle ranging from 24-36 tablets, for $1.  A Dollar.  I buy several at a time and keep them at work, in the junk drawer, in the linen closet, in the car, in my bag, everywhere.  They work fabulously when the allergies kick in when I'm unexpectedly around cats, crazy perfume/cologne doused individuals or I find myself around flowers/cut grass/hay.  And did I mention, the convenience of non-Kleenex requirements for the price of $1?

Of course there are other random things that I enjoy at the dollar store.  Another is the two sided sponge.  The yellow sponge with the green scrubby.  Love them!  I use them to do the dishes and they last long enough to be effective but not long enough that if I was a germaphobe that I would be concerned.  I replace them very often because afterall you can get anywhere from 6-12 of them for $1. 

I've also found that I love to purchase lip gloss or lip stick at the dollar store.  The dollar store that I go to carries Sally Hansen lipstick.  I'm not a big lipstick fan and I hate the idea of spending anywhere from $6-15 or more for a single lipstick.  And usually I have no idea if I will like the color or worse yet, the texture, the smell or the taste!  So for $1, I don't really care if I like it and if I do...BONUS!  Besides in the summer Michigan heat, I find that my lipsticks often morph into some conglomerate mess and then I'm really bummed that I finally invested and bought it!  So yesterday, I scored with three new lipsticks and I've tried two and love them!  I also picked up another chapstick/balm - chocolate chip cookie flavored.  How can you go wrong with something as yummy as that?  I have a Hot Fudge Sundae lip gloss that I had purchased a while ago at Bath and Body Works that I like, but the downfall, it's brown and messy.  So unless I have a mirror, I end up with it everywhere, seriously I am that good!

I also decided to try a new perfume.  Afterall, for $1, who cares if I don't like it on, I can throw it away!  I've been wearing Happy for the past year or is it two?, and my bottle is almost gone and I just can't succumb to the sticker shock of replacing it.  Especially if I can buy some $30 different scents for that cost.  I'm bound to like one of them before that, right?

What is your favorite dollar store purchase?

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