Monday, August 9, 2010

Small Surprises

My son and I have a very good relationship.  I don't expect or anticipate our relationship will be the same forever.  Our relationship will change and evolve and decompensate and evolve and well who knows exactly what will happen, since afterall my crystal ball is quite cloudy. 

But today, I had to smile when I looked at his Facebook profile (disregarding the spelling and minimization of his actual intelligence to be "cool"):  Born and raised as a Michigan boy. I am and was active in about every sport i could be in. Chose football over soccer when i couldn't play both. Then I got sick of losing all the time and switched to soccer. I have played baseball since I was 6, and i love it. Made the all stars every year I played at xxxxxxxxx. (6) I love playing basketball night and day since I was in 5th grade. I have loved taking vacations with my mom since I was a little kid. Good times

Yes, definitely good times.  Good times indeed.  Can't wait for our Arizona Adventure...

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