Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Online Travel Headaches

I feel like I'm going through menopause, the lack of air conditioning definitely has something to do with it!  I'm perspiring just breathing which is clearly exacerbated by making and securing decisions that involve credit card purchases and "done deals" that aren't easily changed.

I had left two messages for my son's father in regard to the ability to change weekends so my son and I could go to the Grand Canyon.  No response.  Finally, slightly more than an hour ago, I received an email from him that said that we could go, if his mom could have him the previous weekend at a time TBD AND I would get my son on Saturday instead of Sunday, the day we leave.  Details...

Then I realized that in fact my son's father wasn't responding to my email or my telephone messages, he was responding to my son's email, with the subject "vaction" and the entire email, "Can I go to Arizona pleeeeeaaaasssssseeeee".  Sometimes I'm baffled that my son is thirteen, really.

I had looked this morning and the flight had gone up an extra $50 per person.  With the last minute timeshare, there were a few new availabilities that opened up for Saturday - Saturday which meant we didn't miss out on a day and require an additional night somewhere else!  So sometimes things work out.  When I finally booked the condo, I then booked the airfare and it was only $25 more additional!  Bonus.

I decided not to opt for the "flight-car" combo thinking I could get a better deal through  My price was approved and I ended up saving $27 with a mid-size car instead of the economy equivalent. 

Until...I realized that the airport I was flying into was NOT the same as where the car rental was.  Both in Phoenix, but different airport codes.  I contacted Priceline and they agreed to cancel my car rental if I rebooked.  I talked with two people and asked how could I rebook a car in a location they didn't have?  They canceled the reservation and I hope they won't charge me again as I can't rebook.

I then went back into my itinerary for my flight and added a car rental.  For $27 more, it was well worth the piece of mind.  Granted the confirmation doesn't show the airport location or any other details, but since it's connected to the reservation and booking, it must be the same (Fingers crossed!)!

Now it's just a matter of logistics of figuring out the details of the day changes with my son's father and getting my son in time to prepare to leave.  I'm guessing I will be doing last minute laundry for sure! 

I can't believe it - I will be visiting the Grand Canyon in August 2010!  Isn't life Grand?

What are you happy about?  What has made your day, month, year?

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