Saturday, August 25, 2012

Blogging Revisited

I  can honestly admit that there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about blogging.  I think what I miss the most, is the fact that without blogging, I can't go back and read past posts.  I can't go back to a certain time and reflect on what I may have been feeling or thinking or experiencing.  In many ways, this blog has been my memory, my calendar if you will.  When I need to think back to a time or event, I know in my mind that I can search for something on my blog and it is a perfect reference. 

Unfortunately, this year will forever be a blur.  I won't have this blog as a reference point to fill in the gaps, since I didn't take the time to actually type anything.  As I quickly approach the big 4-0, I find that my memory isn't what I used to think it was.  I would love to say that it isn't what I remember it being, but even now I wonder what I remember!

I don't blog for anyone else.  I used to have a few friends that would read my blog to catch up on my latest issues.  I think for the most part they have all given up even checking anymore.  I did receive a text out of the blue tonight from RUR saying that he can no longer "stalk" me via my blog and wondered how I have been.  So maybe with his contact and my inability to sleep, I thought I would blog. 

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