Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Popped Circuits

Popped Circuits or blown fuses...I can only imagine what is next on the horizon, and dare I say it?  But bring it on.  If this is my challenge, I can get through it!

I can't believe how long it has been since my last post, although a little more recent than any consistent exercise!  Things have been busy, but nothing too terribly crazy.

Little League World Series was a great time.  T and I survived our last jaunt before school starting.  Even "Tropical Storm Irene" didn't interfere too much: one consolation game cancellation and a rain delay.  Two of my tires were low at one truck stop and fortunately I noticed and T used his tire knowledge to get us back on the road without issue.

School is in full swing.  I have to say that I am glad T is out of the house and back into a routine.  I think we function best with structure, even though I would love it if I didn't have to go into work five days a week and still received a pay check!  His classes are uber difficult but he is managing, so far.  Not so sure that Advanced Placement was the best option, but I am glad he is being challenged.

On the home front, my washing machine crashed last week.  I am sure it was just a belt, but after 14 years it seemed due time to upgrade to a new set.  I haven't managed to read the manuals yet - but the thought of a washer washing FOURTEEN pairs of jeans at a time?  OMG  I tore out the rest of the back fence and had a couple awesome bonfires at MS'.  I managed to brand my toe with the poker and learned that fire tending in sandals isn't the smartest idea.  I priced out new fencing and decided, maybe I don't need a fence right now.  I purchased a few privacy trees to plant instead.  After coming home on Monday, my dehumidifier was no longer working.  I realized while the washer and dryer were being installed that a circuit had popped. 

As the basement is pretty damp, I figured I was due for a new dehumidifier too.  I purchased a new one on Monday night and am amazed at the power!  I moved the dehumidifier into the den area last night and this morning I was astonished that the bucket was almost half full!  I emptied it out in the wash basin and noticed the water wasn't draining well.  Then I noticed that the floor drain wasn't working and all of the water went right to the floor and the carpet.  Sigh...I checked the circuits and a different circuit was popped.  So I turned it back on and the sump worked.  Cleaned up the free standing water and now have a fan and the dehumidifier running to dry everything out.  Two circuits popped in less than a week?  What is going on?

I volunteered to keep JA company and join her in a 5k walk this Saturday.  I thought it would motivate me to start exercising and make a dent in the extra 15 pounds I would LOVE to lose.  Unfortunately it is mind over matter.  I have walked a couple times and even rode the stationary bike while playing Galaga.  I just am not exercising as much as I should.  I am saddened that four years ago I was training for the 3 Day (60 miles in 3 days) and now I can't even get motivated to walk 3 Miles!  I am looking forward to spending some time with JA and bringing back the memories of our walking days!

MS and I are doing well.  Hard to imagine that we will have been dating ONE year this month.  Our anniversary will be celebrated together at his brother's wedding, where he is the best man.  Of course I have less than 1.5 weeks and I have absolutely no idea what to wear!  The ceremony will be "brief" and outside in a park.  As of last weekend, there are 213 people confirmed.  TWO HUNDRED AND THIRTEEN! What in the world do I wear?  Beyond an outfit (and that famous week before of the month) I am trying not to assess what MS and I are doing.  Where are we headed?  While walking to the store on Sunday, MS pointed out a vacant lot on his street and suggested I could build a house on it and we could be neighbors.  Maybe that got me thinking...

Work is work.  There has been much drama lately and many people leaving the office due to the new "Acting Director".  I don't recall ever blogging about it, but much of my personal angst began after the passing of my father when I received an anonymous typed note in my mailbox of an excerpt from an article about angry co-workers and borderline personality.  I brought the issue to the attention of my Union Rep as I didn't want anymore harassment, although I couldn't say for sure who.  Then I had several discussions with Supervisors. Things continued on a short downward spiral briefly thereafter.  I was asked if I would move offices and now I feel like I am in a "timeout" as I sit in the corner and face the corner.  I also received a note in my office of a dress code violation.  This too shall pass and things are getting a little better.  I would love to have a more appreciative and rewarding job - personally, professionally and financially. I am thankful for the employment and the ability to pay my bills and afford the extras that I choose and that choose for me (washer, dryer, dehumidifier...). I love the fact that I only work three miles from home.  I know I hold myself back from wanting more, but what is it that I want? 

It is hard to believe that tomorrow will be two months since my father passed.  I am so glad that he is no longer suffering.  It amazes me how much stress his health, his relationship with his wife and our relationships really affected me. 

All in all, there isn't anything to complain about.  A few bumps along the way, but life has been good.  Two popped circuits so far.  Whatever is next, I can handle it!

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