Thursday, October 6, 2011

Customer Service/Online Ordering

I can readily admit that I pay too much for services.  I wish that I was a better advocate for keeping my costs down, but change keeps me stagnant.  Weekly I receive advertisements in the mail on how to lower my auto insurance, my cable, my phone service, my credit card interests, you name it, I'm sure you and I both receive them.

Change and choice keeps me content.  Or does it?  I know that I pay too much in combination of my home phone, internet and television, but I haven't done anything about it.  I would love to get more for less.  Who wouldn't?  I finally decided to take matters into my own hands, well one matter at a time.

We are having issues with our DVR.  Two recent shows that we have recorded have had interference, of course during critical times, that have allowed us to miss some of the show.  Clearly not life threatening.  As we have Dish, the first time I thought it may have been due to weather, but after the second time I'm afraid that isn't the case.  So I called Dish to ask for assistance and was advised to unplug the receiver.  When I followed up to see if I was under any contractual obligations if I chose to cancel I was told I wasn't.  There was no conversation or discussion as to my desire to cancel or if services could be offered to keep me as a customer.  Based on that, I decided to look into AT&T U-Verse.

I have been receiving sales advertisements for U-Verse for sometime.  The bundle sounds like a good deal, but most deals usually do.  I already have AT&T for phone and internet, so the television addition wouldn't be a bad idea.  I looked online and ended up ordering it today - thinking I got a good deal - which will be installed at the end of the month with a savings of about $30 per month.  Not too bad, right?

Then I started thinking about the deal and what television stations we would be getting, especially since we have been watching many shows on the CW (LOVE, LOVE RINGER).  I was beginning to think I would be going on a similar t.v. hiatus with the switch as I did when I lost the WB years prior.  Frustrated with the online site (as my computer at work has an outdated web browser) I called customer service.  This is where I became...confused. 

The woman on the other end of the phone was FABULOUS.  She didn't say that she could save me more money but advised that I might like what she had to offer over what I just ordered.  I thought I had ordered the U-100 but received the U-Family so 30+ less channels as I ordered the DVR and it isn't available with the 100.  So here is what I ordered and what I was offered by calling Customer Service:

Online Offer: 70 channels, Basic Internet & Home Phone; $250 Visa Credits for ordering online; 12 months for $110/month

Customer Service: 200 channels, Pro Internet, Home Phone, Free HBO/Cinemax 3 months, $250 Visa; 6 months for $95/month and 6 months for $105/month

So which is the better deal?  I was actually a little confused by how I was being offered a better deal by calling and I wondered if there was a "catch". 

Oh and one more thing...She was AMERICAN and spoke ENGLISH.  Who says that Customer Service doesn't exist by phone anymore?  Did I mention I didn't even yell or call to complain?

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