Friday, February 1, 2013

Shower Curtains: 3 more & Counting

I realized I haven't updated the latest on my shower curtain compulsions.  I took down Christmas and didn't even take pictures.  I purchased a new one for the upstairs bathroom and have to admit I didn't like it.  The snowmen looked bald - yes I know snowmen don't have hair - they were missing hats!  I tried to google it and can't find it. I will add pictures later...

I had given MS a nice shower curtain as a house warming gift.  I spent more on it than I would for myself :)  Well since MS did a complete bathroom demolition in October and the shower curtain no longer matches, I recently asked if I could have it.  Wait now, before you pass judgment, I did give him one of my other curtains that matches his new bathroom! :)

I also managed to find another shower curtain deal for the basement bathroom.  I bought some new light green moss rugs to go with the curtain. Even though I seldom use that bathroom, I really like this ensemble!  Since the bathroom is small, it is hard to get a picture, but I will make do.

It is also time to hang up the Valentine's Day shower curtain!  Love is in the air!

Do you have any crazy compulsions or obsessions?  If not, do you have any Valentine's plans?  

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